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“To support inclusive national economic growth through the expansion of sustainable access to financial services for Swazi entrepreneurs and the general population by helping them to be innovative, be growth driven and ultimately improving the quality of life for all”. 


“To position ourselves nationally as the leading provider of development finance and other support financial services which directly contribute to national economic development”.



To economically empower Swazi Entreprenurs through the provision of accessible and sustainable financial services. 




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Phenomenal Women in Farming

It was cold and drizziling around midday when we arrived at Lima Farm in Hawane, a place known for extremely low temperatures. As FINCORP we had come to visit Mrs. Gooday at her farm. When we arrived she had just returned from tending her vegetables. It was interesting to note that despite her age and the very cold weather she did not have an excuse for not going to the fields, after all farming is her passion.

25 years after retirement as a civil servant, Mrs. Gooday has no regrets. “This is the best decision, I have ever made,’’ she says clearlty not shy to tell us what led to her retirement at an early age. “I was working in Piggs Peak as a Home Economics officer. My work was demanding and it kept me away from home for days in a week.’’ she narrates. “Upon realising that this was unfair to my children who were very young and in school, I was not at peace, my work was adversely affected, I then decided to resign so that I could raise my children,’’ she adds.
How the Business Started.

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Mr. Manana has over 30 years in vegetable and crop production, established a name for himself as a producer and supplier of the best tomatoes and cabbages, with numerous marketers and shops at Luve and the Manzini.

The growth of the business, whose success has never been anticipated to climax to this point, can be attributed to years of experience for Mr Manana, considering that he does not have any formal agricultural training.

He is an ex-miner who went into the trade as a result of funds that ran dry when he had to return home after suffering from as serious ailment that forced him to return home for recuperation.




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