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“To support inclusive national economic growth through the expansion of sustainable access to financial services for Swazi entrepreneurs and the general population by helping them to be innovative, be growth driven and ultimately improving the quality of life for all”. 


“To position ourselves nationally as the leading provider of development finance and other support financial services which directly contribute to national economic development”.



To economically empower Swazi Entreprenurs through the provision of accessible and sustainable financial services. 




  • Currently No Vacancies. 


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Where We Are



Welcome to our website. Swaziland Development Finance Corporation was launched by His Majesty King Mswati III in November 1995 with the main aim of economically empowering Swazi people at grassroots level through the provision of sound and sustainable financial services.

FINCORP is a registered private corporation with two shareholders namely the Swaziland Government and Tibiyo TakaNgwane holding 80% and 20% of the shares respectively.
The main objectives of FINCORP are:
*    To finance and promote the development of Swazi-owned Enterprises;
*    To support the expansion of loan financing to SMEs;
*    To create jobs;
*    To make a meaningful contribution to the eradication of poverty among people at grassroots level.
*    To support the provision of business advisory services, training, monitoring, technical transfers and development of other products and services for SMEs;
We currently offer multiple financial services which include general business finance, agribusiness finance, contract finance, asset lease facilities, order financing, line of credit and other financial services such as money transfers and insurance. Since inception the organization has been characterized by an average annual portfolio growth rate of 20%.  To-date, cumulative disbursements exceeding E1.4 Billion since inception have been released to over 60, 000 clients.
High repayment rates have been maintained since inception whilst the portfolio at risk has been kept at acceptable levels. The organization has over the years achieved decent profits despite its volatile operating environment.
In pursuit of its mandate, the organization has over the years undergone various policy and operational changes, with the main aim of adequately meeting the changing demands of its target clientele. It was initially a wholesale lending institution but subsequent to an in-depth market research, the product offering was broadened in April 2003 to include individual lending in order to match the operating environment and market expectations. It has always been entrenched in FINCORP’s policies that customer loyalty can be best maintained through continued and concerted efforts to meet their needs.
In April 2009, a review of the lending policies was undertaken and approved by the Board with the main aim being to strengthen our credit appraisal and risk assessment mechanisms.  Parallel to that was an initiative to make the lending activities of the Corporation more accessible to entrepreneurs at grassroots level such as vendors, hawkers and other small traders. This initiative takes care of clients looking for loans ranging from E500.00 to E10, 000.00 for relatively short term periods not exceeding twelve (12) months. On the other hand the new lending policy seeks to strengthen lending policies on larger loans ranging from E200 001.00 and above wherein some form of collateral shall be required in an effort to mitigate the inherent risk of non recovery.  The ultimate objective of this change of policy is to make FINCORP more accessible to people at grassroots level.